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Don't Forget To Add Natural Disasters To The '2020 Sucks' List

The shitstorm of bad news for the United States that is 2020 is about to be a stormstorm as weather forecasters warn that the 2020 Atlantic hurricane season is "expected to go into hyperdrive." 

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That's to say nothing of the wildfires we're already currently facing ...

In isolation, all of these events would cause concern. But piling them on top of one another with an added heaping dash of COVID-19 kind of makes us wonder if we should start building an ark right about now. 2020 isn't just hitting us while we're down. It's rapid punching our faces into the mat Donnie Yen-style.And we could be in line for even worse. The Los Angeles Times reports that the recent spurt of minor earthquakes in California along the San Andreas fault has drastically increased the chances of "the big one" occurring to 1 in 100 within the next week. Meanwhile, Donald Trump is paying for his $300 a week unemployment bill with money drawn from the Disaster Relief Fund. So we might be left fending for ourselves when it comes to whatever biblical atrocities this planet throws at us next.

Does this mean it is time to panic? Well, not for those of you who will get raptured. But for those who are less pious and holy, I wouldn't go into full-on panic mode yet. It might be time, though, to make yourself a preparedness kit for the specific natural disaster most likely to affect your area. (Or, if you live in North Carolina, just assume you're now living in the Final Destination universe.) But I will say for the long term that this sure feels like the effects of climate change coming home to roost. If 2020 ever lets up, perhaps we can jot down "saving the environment" on our to-do list of things to save the world.


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