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Agatha De Borja

Donnalyn Bartolome Used The Money That She Earned To Plant More Trees

Here is some great news. We have a humble YouTuber that truly cares about others. Recently, she announced that the viewers' act of subscribing and not skipping ads is worth it for the effort and contribution on Instagram. YouTuber Donnalyn Bartolome opened up about how she felt towards the victims of the calamities. Using her own charity organization, she is striving to save the environment.

“Our charity @influence_us.ph deployed boats to affected areas/provinces, packed and delivered food for the thousands of families and animals affected by the typhoon and now, with the money I earned from YouTube, we will be planting trees to prevent future flooding,” she wrote.  

“I knew you guys felt the same so I collected the donations through my Youtube revenue and other ways so if you’ve subscribed and watched my videos. YOU HAVE DONE SOMETHING,” 

Photo Credit: Donalynn Bartolome (YouTube Channel)

Source: https://latestchika.com/donnalyn-bartolome-to-use-money-earned-from-youtube-for-planting-trees/?fbclid=IwAR2i1zlbGdFZRhbN5CtcxKH8bfQvDMROXMhJzCDm8TrY1jMUNszV3zNyIpY