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DIY Modern Workspace Set Up Under 1000 pesos!

A refreshing workspace is a must have for everyone. It makes you be productive. A great design depends on the preference on one's taste. For Kar Vic, imagining his dream workspace is not hard. 

SKETCHING - Draw your plan.  

He has a concrete plan design for his project. He renders it using a computer. Here's some software that can let u sketch :

Adobe Photoshop
Illustrator Draw
Adobe Lightroom
Photoshop Sketch
Adobe Illustrator
Astropad Studio
Affinity Designer

If you don't know how to use either one of the said software. Youtube is just one click away. Acquiring new skills on this century is not really a problem. Tons of free tutorial are uploaded on Youtube.

But if you aren't really interested on modern technology, traditional drawing is still a skill. You can sketch what's on your mind. A paper, ruler and pencil are just what you need!

COLORING- Make it happen. 

Having a skilled father is an advantage for Kar Vic. He gave his design to his father and the latter do the rest. You can also hire someone and compromise on the labor. Make sure that it's a fair deal for the both of you.


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    Oct 14, 2020 11:33