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Granted #MyChristmasWishList

I just wanted to claim my wish list on Christmas. Because they said all your wishes will come true BUT on the right time. 

All i want is to payback  my parents hardwork and sacrifices to us. And have enough money to continue my studies on Masters definitely for my parents and relatives who believe on me. Yes its quite pressure is on but i need to fight and be strong in life. 

Second is to help other people specially to Kids i'm hoping that i can build a group to support those kids who are in needs specially on their education and for simply giving them foods. 

Third is we can surpass this pandemic and welcome new beginning. Learn to appreciate mother nature. 

Fourth is i wish i will win on this Christmas Wish List edition

Fifth is to start my business! WOOP! Support Lokal and i wish i will find my dream job.

Lastly, Happiness for everyone! 

#Fighting #BeGrateful #MyChristmasWishList 


  • Marivie Tumbali
    Dec 01, 2020 12:07
    my christmas wish na sana mabilhan ko po ng tv ang nanay ko na may sakit.dahil naistroke po sya at paralized at bedridden.sana ngayon pasko maregaluhan ko po sya ng tv.pra may maponooran po sya kahit nakahiga lang po sya.🙏🙏🙏🙏