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Death is inevitable. It’s timing is uncertain. Age is a concept. Now-ness is all there is.

Human life provides the potential for an on-going learning opportunity. 

But if we allow statistical data to influence our life in unhelpful ways it becomes easy not to take full advantage of that potential. Statistics can be helpful, but more often than not they are manipulated intentionally to create fear and disharmony as a method of control.

The idea that a young life has more value than an old life simply because the younger person is likely to be around longer fails to acknowledge the depth of knowledge and experience that is gained during the aging process.
Beaujolais nouveau and a vintage port will both get you drunk if you consume too much. But the comparison in taste is where wisdom is found.

 The mind worries when it does not accept change. The aging process is on-going change happening in now-ness. Resistance is therefore futile. If you embrace the change and adapt with it statistically you’ll have less worry.


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