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Rex Tajanlangit

Day 1 - Simbang Gabi

So it began!
Simbang Gabi starts today, if you did not catch it, then you are 1 day less in completing it but don't feel bad. If you are thinking about your wish, on the last day if you complete the 9 days, for me it does not how it works.

I believe more that I am doing the Simbang Gabi for Thanksgiving than me wishing for something. It is enough for me that I and my family are safe in the midst of this pandemic. We are not perfect but we are happy! 

Don't worry about your wish, because I believe that you already got it, you just need to believe that you already have it God is just preparing that right moment when you least expected. 

Claim it already!

I just want to share what I reflected on the Day 1 of Simbang Gabi. What I got from the homily is that be good and the world will be good for you.

Most of us wish that 2021 will be good for us, but it should be us to be good first and everything will fall into place. On Facebook, there were several friends that were ranting about the "law of attraction" that it's not a "Christian" way. 

If you would observe the post of your friends about the Law of Attraction, it simply says if you think you can be a doctor, you will be a doctor. So if you will be whatever that you think you can be. 

It is a positive way of saying that your mind is powerful enough to attract the vibes that will help you achieve your goals. 

There is nothing wrong with that. Maybe I can agree it is not a Christian way but I think let's put it into perspective. 

Let's not be too religious about it.

What I am saying here, maybe it is not very "Christian" to believe in Law of Attraction because God will make a way for you and if you don't get what you request maybe God has a better plan for you. Against the belief in the Law of Attraction that the mind is powerful enough to accomplish your goals than trusting a higher being.

If you put it that way maybe the Law is wrong but if you put it in such a way that if you are good to the world, good things will come to you. Being good means following the path of holiness.

As an active member of a catholic community, these come out of our household discussions to be holy and be a good example to society. Which makes sense on the homily on Day 1 of Simbang Gabi. 

A year will never do good to you. You will be the one who should do good because if you do good, good things will come to you in God's perfect time.

Stay Safe.


  • Hot Mama
    Jan 21, 2021 15:10
    Amen all