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Ann Payas


Yesterday, I had a dialysis treatment at around 4:30... so I arrived in the center 15 minutes prior... unfortunately there was some delay. I had to wait a little longer. While waiting I just listening to music and singing,,, You know, entertaining myself... Then an old patient in wheel chair exited the center that means she's done. Her son was waiting for her outside (where I am seated) The nurse talked to the son because there was an order from the doctor that she needs to be tested for Covid, you see upon entering the dialysis center patient and guardian should fill up a form for safety precautions.. So the son actually filled the form and stated that his mom has a cough... that's it, a simple cough and she was asked to do the swab test. Unfortunately swab test is very expensive and getting it done is not so simple as well.  With that, the son got frustrated saying things like because of a simple cough you want me to bring my mother to a testing center with a higher risk to be expose to covid virus? You want us to pay 6500  for the test because of simple cough. We are trying our best not to expose her to the virus but you want us to bring her there.? ... things like that... it's okay I understand the frustration, money is a big issue, being expose to the virus is really scary.. However the way he approached the nurses. Personally, I didn't like it. I was there the whole time and he was shouting at them. LIKE MAN!!! WHY ARE YOU SHOUTING. It's like he wants the whole building to know that his mom has a cough and needs to do the swab test. before listening to him, I was having a great day,  honestly. I don't know what's gotten into me but I decided to butt in. I said excuse me sir can you not shout at them? I'm sure they are doing that because they want to expose you or make you pay or anything. I have a lot of things I wanted to say but ughhhhh my emotions, overflowed and I cried.  I wanted to tell him that my dad passed away of Covid too, and we denied the fact that his symptoms might actually be Covid. I wanted to say that I tested positive for covid too. I had a fever not even for one day. but I was tested positive I was asymptomatic. I wanted to make him realize how important that swab test is. I wanted to remind him that his mom is a dialysis patient and a senior citizen that means  her immune system is not that strong. goodness. I have a lot things to say.. but I ended up crying. He was shouting. He overpowered me. hate to admit that but his voice was too loud and he wasn't listening. naaaa. he doesn't want to listen. the nurses was trying to explain the situation but he's not letting them. so I took a courageous step but failed completely. I wanted him to talk to the nurses with respect they deserve. Those nurse work hard to take care of your mom during her dialysis, I think respect is something they deserve. They are not perfect, yes, nobody is. But they don't deserve to be treated like shit. This year is a total rollercoaster  with a really steep curve scary, really. I'm surviving. I'm still good. 


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