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Philip Puno

COVID - 19 Vaccine has arrived

With a total of more than 20 million cases and more than 700,000 deaths, COVID-19 shocked every person on this planet.  Right now, the whole world is racing. Everybody is looking for a cure for the virus. 

There are 150 COVID vaccines in development from different countries such as China, the UK, and the US. Most of these vaccines failed the trials but some are succeeding. As of now, one vaccine that is developed in China had passed Phase 1 and 2. This just simply means that everyone that took it is safe from COVID-19 and now it is in the final phase, phase 3. A center in Abu Dhabi is already conducting vaccine trials. There are 15,000 volunteers who are taking this vaccine in the Emirates right now. If the vaccine works on them then, it passes Phase 3 and is ready for the whole world. But for now, this is tested on different nationalities in order to make sure that it is safe for everyone and when they succeed, the Earth will have a fix for COVID.

Although the vaccine is still under development and has a lot of trials to do to make this vaccine safe, there is already a hope. If they pass Phase 3, then we officially beat COVID-19 and go back to everything we used to.  "When this works, we will all go back to normal very soon". - scientists said. 


  • Kristine Mae Angeles
    Aug 11, 2020 16:58
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