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Connections over Rules #BAKUNATIONEXPERIENCE #Bakunationexperience


I haven't been yet vaccinated or scheduled. But I just want to make use of this medium as of what I have experienced during this vaccine-stage of our current events here in the Philippines. To be vaccinated, there are lots of ways and places where you can have the vaccine. But first of let's talk about how do we get to be scheduled and how do we know where we'll be given a vaccine. Every city has its own constitutional ways of how every citizen in their land can have the vaccine. I live in Quezon City which belongs to the capital of the Philippines and here in my city we have a site where we register there and fill up the form and sign up for ourselves and there is where we register for the vaccine, they stated there that they will just "text/email" you if you already have a slot and schedule for the vaccine. 

So here's the tops of this post, me and my family registered from the site last June 29, 2021. I did sign them all up because my dad told me that I will be the assigned in doing it. We knew the site from a friend of ours and said that he got the vaccine a week after he registered that's why we decided to register too because it was a fast process and we really need the vaccine since my parents work as a front liners. Up until now, there is now text nor email being received by us. Its been 2 weeks and we haven't got any information. We know that there were shortages of vaccines but what makes me angst more is that the cause of the shortage. 

From the title itself, "Connections over Rules" if you have a relative or  friend or any close friend that works inside the government or just a bit outside of the government or just an official, you are probably vaccinated right now, it could be either your first dose or second dose or maybe you're having your boosters right now. That's how greedy Filipino's are, they tend to pick people close to them rather than following the protocols of who have been registered. This is all true, why? We are surrounded by it and this type of backdoor vaccines are just on a plain sight and we never talk about it because we are scared that we might not get our vaccines immediately. 

No prejudice for those who does all those kind of back door treatments, but please do stay in mind that what we need in order to finish this problem we are facing is unity. Help one another not just who you are close with. Everyone is in dire need of vaccines that are fully registered and is waiting for weeks, and they don't want to hear that its already in low stock. 

This post is also an eye opener for people who doesn't want to be vaccinated because of such reasons, I just want to say: Please get the vaccine and please don't be picky about what should be vaccinated on you instead be thankful that in this generation we have brilliant minds that had undergone lots of ways just to create a finisher in this problem.

That's all, I hope we all get vaccinated real soon!