• Good News

Agatha De Borja

Congrats! 399,005 Total Recoveries In The PH🙌

    There is a saying that in every bad situation there is always good. As you can see, more and more Filipinos are still recovering from this situation now. We are still currently waiting for a complete global breakthrough against the coronavirus. We will never know when all this will end. My suggestion is simply to attempt to avoiding more coronavirus infections in the country. Not only we maintain a higher number of recoveries but we must continue to make sure that no one will ever get infected here in this country. Let there be zero new cases and more recoveries instead of having new cases consistently being added. So far, the total confirmed cases are 432,357 due to the added 1438 new cases. There are 18 new deaths which in total there are 8436 deaths.

Source: Department Of Health
Photo Credit: cottonbro