• Good News




As the news of Maginhawa community pantry sparked, which was started on 14th April by Ana Patricia Non it suddenly inspired people all over the Philippines from Luzon to Mindanao to put their own community pantry. As of now there are 350 community pantries all over the Philippines and the number is still rising. They are offering free foods, things and services for everybody.

The community pantry act makes my heart warm for many reasons. Despite of precarious living condition of many people they are still willing to give what they have as the community pantries slogan says " Magbigay ayon sa kakayanan, kumuha batay sa pangangailangan (Give whatever you can, take only what you need). It is admirable to know that even farmers, fisherfolk, indigenous people, kakanin and taho vendors can give what they have and the flooding of strangers who let themselves become unanimous in donating.

Amidst gloomy times we should not lose hope because there are still good samaritans like the people in the community pantries. It's a new form of modern bayanihan which means helping one another and uplifting them in their greatest need. It is the spirit of the Filipino people that unite us and makes us unique despite the challenges we are facing. 

Although there are challenges that the pantry organizers encounter like red tagging and profiling it still does not hinder people from continuing their community pantries. 

As I end this I would like to share a quote from Ronald Reagan "We can't help everyone, but everyone can help someone."