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Nelson G

Community Pantry

I can't sleep probably because I am busy working on my online stuff or someone is remembering me for some reason.  I am writing this to y'all because I want to create awareness about the ongoing trend specific to community pantry in which everyone can get any items that they think they need for the day, they can also donate as long as they can, provided that it will not impact their financials or there needs within that day.

One of the trending topics nowadays and I bet you guys are aware of this because everyone knows her, she organized a community pantry in which a lot of people went there that cause stampede and chaos, based on the news one of the senior citizens died because of it.  Though we understand that we Filipino love to help our countrymen but we also need to consider some of the things that may create a negative impact especially on this kind of gathering.

The intention is good however we need to ensure the health of our people.  Angel should have been followed all safety precautions especially now that we are in these challenging times, she could have hired more people to organize it well, she should have plan A, B, C in case the first one doesn't work, she could have intensified the security to ensure that people who will be coming are well organized.

I am pretty sure she knows that the only problem to why it became tragic because instead of doing it on a different day she prefers to do it on the same day as her birthday, there is nothing wrong with that but I bet she is busy doing a couple of things up to the extent that she forgot to check if everything went fine on her community pantry.


  • Nelson G
    May 06, 2021 12:50
    Thanks for your comments @YouTotallyCan
  • You Totally Can
    May 03, 2021 01:24
    Wow thats very nice!