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Community pantry

First I would like to give credits to the owner of the photo. #Communitypantry

I was so happy when I heard the news about this community pantry. It is so amazing how people can still give knowing that they don't have enough. Knowing that the extra tomatoes can be used for tomorrow's lunch.  

I just saw some part of the movie "The day the Earth stood still." the alien told to his fellow men that humans are what they really are they won't change and the judgment is here. But then this girl told him that they can change, Then this scientist told him that the humans will change if they will know what will happen when they don't. But then someone told him that in times of death people will change,

Then that's how this alien sacrifices his life for the earth's human race.
That's what the community pantry represents. They are willing to give even though what they have is just enough for a day. I'm so happy that in times like this people are willing to extend their hands to help other people in need. It's more like, "I got two apples, go take this one."

Sometimes all we need is that someone who will understand us and offer not what he has but what he has left. Not everybody can give you the things they have the least and when they did, you'll surely cherish them forever. Humanity isn't about how much you can give. It is about giving knowing that you might end up nothing. 

Ctto to Parañaque, citizens.