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Chicken Pastil: Bawal sad GIVEAWAY PROMO!

Uso daw ang SAD_ako? Ayaw namin ng ganun...šŸ˜Š
Para di na #Sad_ako --- join us!
We will be giving away Chicken Pastil in a jar for 3 lucky winners!

Just simply follow the mechanics:
(1) Watch at least 3 minutes video of Chicken Pastil unboxing, Like, and Subscribe.
Link here: https://bit.ly/chickenpastilunboxing
(2) Like 8796 Sunshineā€™s Kitchenette Page on Facebook.
(3) Comment your youtube username with the hashtag "#happy_ako" on Tita Koolotz FB page
Link here: https://www.facebook.com/TitaKoolotz/photos/a.956523538534289/1028708171315825

I will announce the winners on December 5!
Thank you and God bless!

Wag na sad ha!šŸ„³

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  • Rvillarin10
    Nov 23, 2021 12:40
    wow good content, lets support each other. Thank you!! high five\šŸ˜