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Care for our Common Home

Laudato Si is the untranslated expression for "Praise be you, my Lord."	

Human beings hold the sovereign over Creation, but God hasn't made the rest of the universe for our needs alone; instead, these cosmos and what greek calls as "Oikos" or the household of God were entrusted to us, for us to care for our current home.

We are responsible for taking care of these cosmos, like trees, water, and other living things instead of just exploiting them.

There are three different models  of Creation:

-The Dominion Model asserts that human beings are the centerpiece of Creation; God gave humanity dominion over Creation to subdue the earth 

-The Stewardship Model God instructs individual persons to be good stewards and be caretakers for all of Creation. We have a vocation and a responsibility to be actively engaged in taking care of this planet and our fellow creations.

-The Kinship Model or Community Creation where we human beings, all of us are Creation, and we are a part of a family. We are made of the same elements, oxygen, nitrogen, and other aspects that made up our Creation. We share deeply the same DNA to the world around us. 

God created us, humans,  just like how he created the rest of the world.


  • Hot Mama
    Jan 21, 2021 14:41
  • Eduard
    Jan 21, 2021 12:21
    God created everything and we must do our part to protect, and care His creation.
  • Kyungg
    Jan 21, 2021 10:46
    Yes:)) I also know it's a principle.