• Good News

Can we Just Go Back


In this middle of midnight
I can still feel my sight in fight
Not  into sleep..
Not going to skip my thoughts even it makes me weak.. 

This Pandemic. Is oh so cruel.
It hit me so hard to the point I dont know what to do anymore.
My Life now is in too much pain.
My mind is driving me insane 

If I could just turn back the time.
I would not let myself to enter the world of Fast Food.
I Wish I didnt enterred J*llib__ .

My confident mind and the rest of my grown personality just dissapeared.
I know Its definitely wrong to blame.. 
but, I am here now.

Writing a post not about any good news.
I just want to write down my feelings out.
Please bare with me now.

I wish. I could turn back the time where my dreams are still on my way.
But as I have enterred the world of Jollibee.. seems I had lost my own way. to myself and to who I wanted to be.

Why? because In J_llib*_e you are not allowed to talk your conscience.
You are just allowed to say whatever it is that pleases your boss and definitely the customers..

even when the customer is wrong..
or they lie..
even when your bosses are mean.
you have to shut up and do your key steps.

J_-_--_ are full of plastics.
The image pretends to welcome you then  it will slowly feeds you a poison to loose the whole out of you.

Yeah. I used to be a manager.
But as a resigned employee...
During this pandemic.
I have literally lost all that I am.

I couldnt sleep anymore

I couldnt dream of my future

I just... I cant control my mind...

Its such a shame.
To write my thoughts where nobody would give time to read it.

Because for everyone its just nothing.
but for me its a real lit of a thing.

Send Help.