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Cagsawa Ruins

"The ruins are the top tourist destination in the province of albay.
As i stare a crumbling stone mansory of cagsawa, while mount mayon rises in the background.
  The belfry church still stands to this day, it's decrepit walls standing almost futile contrast to smoking mountain that lies in a distance.
    Cagsawa was never rebuilt, and the ruins are the reminder of the fiery of mount mayon,and the dangers posed by living close to the volcano.
  As minibuses packed with tourist pull up to the Car park, I realise that cagsawa ruins are also a reminder that the volcano is a blessing as well as a curse. The volcano increasingly jobs in the tourism industry.
     After this pandemic Must visit our province In Albay their so many tourist spot to visit and iam 100% sure that u enjoy.
    Thank you for your support 
God to be glory ❤❤


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