• Good News

Sheila Macabunga


Last friday night,  Cagayanos started trending in twitter.  It was a cry for help. Being the catch basin for the Magat dam and continous rain brought about the flooding in Cagayan and Isabela. We may not be directly hit by the Typhoon Ulysses but the week-long rain flooded some towns and the spillage level of Magat dam rised to danger levels. That night, dark as it is due to brownout the water started to rise. People started screaming for help at their rooftops,  because their houses were already submerged in waters. Rescuers were outnumbered and they cannot easily reach the flooded areas especially Linao,  Tuguegarao City. We can only see the news throught the post of victims. And it is the only way we can help at the moment,  to PRAY, SHARE and POST. Asking for help for our fellow Cagayanos. As #CagayanNeedsHelp trended various donation drives started. Help from other provinces came,  rescuers and other aerial help arrived the next morning. But there were casualties,  one of which is a rescuer who was electrocuted while performing his duty. A brave hero. Our resiliency in times of hardship is not a question,  but we need change. We cannot always say that Filipinos can get by always. It is a toll on our mentality even if we can still smile. We , need change!