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Terence Cabanes

Building Self-Esteem and Improving Relationships

Good self-esteem is important for the emotional health of a person and the ability to connect well to others. By improving one's self-esteem, one can increase relational fulfillment and, as a result, the mental wellbeing of all members of the family. The paradox of good self-esteem is that to affirm ourselves as deserving, we need someone else.

This is not to suggest that individuals, as long as they have at least one substantial loving relationship in their lives, such as a mate, father, or sibling, experience low self-esteem. We require at least one other significant person who can check our sense of worth. The disparity around us that makes a difference is our personality. In a friendship, it must still be anchored in a social sense (Bradshaw, 1996).

Once one understands the value of relationships and vice versa of self-esteem, it makes sense to put deliberate effort into creating or strengthening both our own and our significant other's self-esteem. Below are a few ideas for increasing the contentment and stability of relationships by developing healthy self-esteem.


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