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BTS-The FIrst Kpop Group to be nominated on Grammys Award

The South Korean Boy Group earn another big achievement by being the first kpop group to receive a Grammy Award Nomination on Tuesday, November 24, 2020. Their hit song entitled 'Dynamite'  will compete alongside with others like Justin Bieber for the "Best Pop Duo/Group Performance" category. BTS tweeted their reaction upon 
this announcement [watch this here https://twitter.com/bts_twt/status/1331298544834076672]. It can clearly seen that these
boys were so happy about this achievement. They never forget to thank their ARMYs first for always doing their best to support them. “Thank you to everyone who listened to our music and empathized with it in difficult times,” they said in a 
Korean-language tweet. “Above all, it is you ARMY that made the miracle of (us becoming) a Grammy-nominated artist. Thank you and love you always.” Thousands
of fans shared how happy and proud they are. Many of us know that BTS started from nothing but now, they make a significant contributions not only to their country but all over the world. The Grammy Awards will be broadcast on January 31, hosted by "The Daily Show's" Trevor Noah. Let's support BTS.