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Self-esteem according to Thesaurus is a reasonable or justifiable sense of one’s own worth or importance. From zero low self-esteem into a level of high self-esteem is a great transformation for me. Wherein you will live to the things that you thought you're unable to achieve as it magnets the positivity, develop your characters, perspective and believe in yourself that will give you success and achievement. If you are in the point of your life where you think you have low self-esteem or mediocre self-esteem it's time to boost it up and unleash your potential.

In my adolescent time I am full of dreams, aspirations and expectations. It is the time of exploration and discovering new things out of your comfort zone. But because of how I looked at myself with a very low demeanor, things I wanted fall apart. Having non-stop pimples that keep spreading all over my face makes me socially awkward, shy and thinking I am ugly therefore it attracts the bullies to take advantage of me. Then the people who are supposed to be your social support system that will uplift and inspire you are the one who will keep dragging you down and giving you negative feedback that makes you unmotivated. Turning to social media linked me more to the peril of self-esteem as I can’t help to compare myself and makes me more frustrated and jealous. Those are some factors that affect my low self-esteem. As times goes by, I realized that it is not healthy for me to stay in the pangs of self-esteem as it brings nothing good.

Being aware of what causes my self-esteem is the first step I made to determine the things I need to work for. Every day I acknowledge and use the power of good self-talk, avoiding self-pity and self-criticizing it is not easy at first but it is worth it to try and make it a daily habit just like having affirmation of yourself. Turning negatives events into positive self-thought and self -talk is a life changing one. Self-love starts on good self- talk such as self-praising that is well proven by the psychologist. It makes you feel better and impacts your action. Next is don’t take things personally if someone talks to you badly and treats you poorly, it's not about you; it's about them. The world is so inconsistent in its opinions we should just be done with it. And then surround yourself with good people who will help you grow, feel good about yourself, gives you a good influence and helps your mistakes be corrected. If you think you need professional help, go seek for it. I also love to read about self-improvement books and listen to podcasts because it absolutely helps me and keeps me motivated. There are unlimited books, podcasts and videos that are suitable to your needs.

Gaining high self-esteem will not only benefit you but also the people around you. Have a good day and keep tracks on your journey of boosting your self-esteem.