• Good News

Maria Balmores


We all have our comfort zone because comfort zone makes us feel safe and at ease. But if we never go out with our comfort zone we will never improve ourselves and it may lower our self esteem. I remember  how I look like in college with my long hair always tied up and with pimples all over my face and lastly the way I dressed up that some of my friends mocked and  teased me as "Manang" or conservative  😉.That time I keep thinking what is wrong with me and the way I dressed up, even asked my Mom if I dressed up badly and do I look like not  presentable? and she just told me not to listen with them and just wear clothes that would make me feel comfortable. She even told me that even if my friends mocked and teased me I need to accept their negativity and make it as a positive one. Then onetime I was invited to be a made of honor in my  best friend's wedding then gown was sponsored by them and since she was my best friend I know she knows everything about me and specially  how I dressed up expecting that I have a long gown made for me but on that day of the wedding all the gowns were above the knee. I don't know if I would wear it or back out with her wedding because I know I will not be comfortable wearing it but as they say show must go on😌even if I don't feel wearing it I still need to walk down the aisle  😬while walking down the aisle people are looking at me I don't know how I would feel that moment trying to understand the way they looked at me I was not so sure at that time what is in their mind?  all I felt is being un easy. When the wedding is over and where in the reception I heard one lady talking to my mom she said your daughter is pretty and looks amazing 👌. After I heard that I don't know why  I felt good and suddenly felt the confidence in myself and realized that sometimes I have to try the things that I am not comfortable at and look after myself. It is not only enough that we stay in our comfort zone sometimes we need to explore and do things so we could enjoy  life and boost our self esteem.