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Aside from library one of the favorite destination of bibliophilia, a person who loves to read and collect book is a bookstore which they consider as a haven and a paradise. 

I am one of those bibliophilia and this time I want to introduce my favorite bookstore which is BookSale. It is the country's biggest  source of low-price unused, as well as previously-owned, books and bargain publications from the U.S., Canada, Australia and the UK. They are also a major distributor of locally-printed slick Pinoy magazines in both English and Pilipino. The bookstore chain has over 91 stores in the Philippines. But due to the pandemic, BookSales offer its services through online Facebook and Shopee. The customers can have the item picked up through a courier service or in any branch near them after transacting with the designated salesperson as indicated on its posts. This shift to online help their employees afloat therefore decreasing the unemployment rates. 

BookSales offer cheaper books that caters to the individual lifestyle of each member of the family: to kids and teens, to fathers, mothers and single adults.Read a book which is inspire you, read a book which gives you a chance to select the best path of life, there are either a love story, failure story, religious books, successive person’s books, history book etc. I achieved a lot of knowledge by reading their various books and magazines that is made locally. So what are you waiting for, visit there stores or go to their website BookSale. All of their books are very affordable. 


  • Anime Feels
    Oct 12, 2020 00:53
    Thanks for the info