• Good News


Blessed 4 months

I still can't believe that its already 4 months since you brought sunshine to our lives. Everything was just like yesterday that I could still remember how hard it is to walk while you are still in mommy's tummy. You're smile is the direction of our efforts and dedication to keep on going.
We may not be a perfect and rich family like the others, but I'm quite sure that we are perfectly blessed to have a healthy and complete family. I now understand why celebrating every month is special to every baby, as not everyone could experience their life until 4months. I am more than grateful to see you smile every morning when we wake up. 
We don't have the riches that everyone desires, but as long as you are healthy and happy, there is nothing I could ever ask for. 
I love you both šŸ˜˜

P.S. Yup, I baked and designed that cake. Not an expert tho. hihi


  • Eduard
    Oct 18, 2020 13:10
    Happy to hear that.