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Hadrian Abadicio

Beyond likes and views #myfavoritesocialmedia

Social media platforms really has invaded the internet and at the same time became part of our lives. It has given us a form of entertainment that we can instantly have by just a simple finger swipe. There are a lot of them and each has a different approach. 
My favorite is TikTok.  This app has become really famous especially during the Covid-19 quarantine days but I have this app for quite a while before the pandemic.  Here are the reason why I love TikTok.

1. It lets you become creative as it offers several features like filters and video or photo effects that will make your post more interesting and engaging. No need for you to obtain a diploma on video editing to make cool videos.

2. The duet feature allows users to play along with other creators content.

3.  Lesser toxic posts.

4. It serves as platform for some content creators to share knowledge and positivity. 

5.  It is for everyone .  


  • Kyungg
    Sep 30, 2020 19:56
    Nice piecešŸ’•seems people really love tiktokšŸ˜
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