• Good News

Micah De Castro

Best thing at Mcdonald's

It's so amazing to be part of Mcdonald's for more than four years, being a working student is not easy, there's a lot of struggles, sleepless nights and sacrifices I've done. But what makes me stay for the long run? It is because of my colleagues. 

Today I just want to thank my precious store 530 for making me stronger, braver and productive. Because of Mcdonald's I learned to be independent, spend money wisely and go out from my comfort zone. Despite the fact I have an hectic schedule at school they don't neglect my studies. Our education is their priority, hence we provide our own time availability. Also, they give as free meal and incentives for every good dids. In our store we shared thoughts like a family to have a great team work, In result we manage to hit the goal and succeed as one. Did you know what's the secret of our success? The reason is that, we listen to one another, we adhere carefully those concerns and our management make ways and plans to flatten those curves. As a team we never let one left behind, we pull him back in such a way of giving courage and smile.

Real love, for me this is the best thing at Mcdonald's. šŸ˜Š


  • Jovert Felisilda
    Aug 15, 2020 17:38
    Great, I also love mcdonalds šŸ˜Š