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Being.. #MyGreatestFear

It took me some time to think of something that I fear. What does being scared actually means for me? What about you? What do you fear? Is it just the opposite of being brave? Does it have any deeper meaning for you when someone asked you what you fear? Cause for me its actually pretty scary.

I’ve been independent for so long. I do my job alone. I seldom or never ask someone for help no matter what. I do it and I try my hardest in what I do. Its me being the perfectionist.  So why am I talking about this? Its actually related to my fear. 

I fear that when I asked for help no one would be there to help me so I always try my best to do all of it by myself. 

I fear being abandon. I fear being left behind so I choose to be alone and do everything on my own. I fear of not being needed. I fear of never being good enough.