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#MYFIRSTJOB Being a crew at McDonals

Everyday there a lot of customers going in and out. It sometimes bring happiness to us crews because of some customers who have a good attitude toward us. It is sometimes stressful because of the bad attitude of the customers and the manager/s. The hardest part of the job is that when we need to know each category of being a crew in McDonald's but it sometimes helpful because you will learn a lot. The most enjoyable part of the job is when someone appreciate your hardwork and the experience of having to work.
The management in McDonald's was great and their hiring process for employment was fast. And it was a great experience to worked in McDonald's. Many scenario that can test may patience in facing and answering the question that customer asked and also it can test your patience in facing some rude attitude of customer. And testing you how can you fast to act in one problem that you have.

Have free foods, benefits, and you can be learned how to socialize in a good way.

Tiring, and Fast paced pressure