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Jacob Rodriguez

Being a barista

Being a barista is for others maybe it's just about making a cup of coffee but for us it's also about sharing happiness to others by connecting with them through short but memorable conversations and that what makes our coffee to be more flavorful and sweeter, extending our service through commitment, passion and love. making them feel home when they're missing their loved ones, giving them a glimpse of hope when they're about to give up. we share
one cup, one love.

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  • Jaerieee
    Nov 07, 2020 13:12
    it really seems like a fun job. i often go to coffee shop to review during my exam.
  • Jacob Rodriguez
    Nov 06, 2020 13:52
    It's a very fun job because i was able to connect with other people and i'm very grateful because i'm being surrounded by great and inspiring leaders
  • Eduard
    Nov 06, 2020 13:49
    One of my dream job.