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Angelyn Baylin

Beginning was the worst start #MYFIRSTJOB

What is your Job? That's the question that always ask me whenever I go outside our house. I'll tell you a story.

I still remember, I was just a little girl when I got my first job. Kidding aside. I'm not a child anymore that time. I was 20 years old when I got my first job. I will tell you that it was hard since that was my first time. But every day is an obstacle. Why? because I will wake up early. Get ready for my work. Asikaso for myself since I don't have a mother who can prepare a meal for me. Susulong sa traffic na umaabot sa ilang oras bago ka makarating sa trabaho. 

I'm from Muntinlupa and my work place is in Carmona. So Imagine how many hours you will spend for that traffic. So haggard ka na pagdating mo ng work. But my neighbors keep on telling me that I am beautiful because I grew up like a woman "daw", but the truth is Physically OK ako but mentally and emotionally NOT OKAY.

I was working in a Car Dealer as a Customer Relations Officer that time. Need maging "MAGANDA" kasi kaharap ko ay mga Big time na tao. Not magandang magandang face but Maganda dapat sa pag uugali at maganda sa pakikitungo sa mga clients. Bonus nalang ang gandang di mo inakala.

To tell you honestly. Chevrolet is my First Love Job up until now. Dito kasi hinubog ang buong pagkatao ko in a professional way. I got insulted in many ways like they've also bought me. Ang job ko kasi dito is maghandle ng mga concerns ng mga clients. May clients na mababait, masasama ang ugali, irritable, mad basta lahat ng ugali ng tao makikita mo sa trabaho kong ito.

Time passed by and I've started to love my job. My whole stay in my first job was worth it. I realized that the beginning was the worst start but if you keep on embracing your journey. Everything will be easy. There is no easy job but once you enjoy it you will love it.

So that's my experiences in #MYFIRSTJOB. Will story tell the second Job soon.

Hope you enjoy this.