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Alvin Domingo

Before you correct somebody...

Before you correct somebody, please check, did you encourage him or her before? 

Do you know it takes training to be an encourager? ? But it takes no training to judge and criticize. 

You will change a person by encouragement and not by correction.  
Some of you bosses, some of you employers, if you want employees to do well, don’t start scolding them. Encourage them tell them what they can do well. If some of you married to an unbeliever, you will never change them by shoving the gospel into their mouth. You will win them by encouragement. People open like a flower when you encourage them. But they close up like the iron curtain when you criticize them. Do you know it is natural for everyone to react to criticism by closing up? And what you give never gets in any more. But when you are an encourager people open up like a flower to you.

For that reason the Bible tells us in 1 Cor.13: 4-8, "Love has perseverance, love is kind. Love does not envy. Love does not show off, love is not arrogant. Love is not rude, is not self seeking, it is not hot tempered, it does not calculate wrong doings, it is not happy over dishonesty, but is happy only with the truth; it puts up with everything, it has endurance in all things. Love never falls down. "

Do you notice here in verse 5 love thinks no evil? Love will change your thought life, your thinking life.

A successful person is very generous with his compliments and very stingy with his criticisms. The unsuccessful person is very generous with his criticism and is very stingy with his encouragement and exaltation and compliment.