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Is coffee considered as a food or line to drinks? Either way, I can't definitely live without coffee. 

Upon waking up, I'll make myself a cup of hot coffee that keeps me from thinking "ugh! I'm still tired from yesterday! Do I really need to work?". Then a sip of it, suddenly, you'll be reminded of bills piling up to pay. 

Before starting my work at the Rehab Department, I'll make another cup of coffee but this time, brewed. A sip of it makes me think, "Another day to smile to".

At the mid of my shift, LUNCH TIME, another hot cup to be served. See how addicted I am? Luckily, my collegues also loved to sip a cup of it. It serves us our "bonding" time.

3 cups of coffee and I'm still alive. Haha! Wait-I am not done yet. Coffee at bedside is also noted. Yes! I am addicted. I love coffee. Hoping it is love that gives me palpitations,tho

P.S: My fur baby name is Coffee.


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    Oct 20, 2020 23:07