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Jenny Torrance

Be You

Whilst growing up, I gave in a lot to peer pressure and told myself I had to do, act, like and be like everyone else and what they were interested in. I always felt I wasn't doing enough, being enough, working hard enough, talking enough... I couldn't feel like I could relax and enjoy being myself.

It was only as I got older I decided that it was so important to say how I feel, do what I wanted, be who I was comfortable with. All those years I was so concerned about being other people's friend, I wasn't being my own friend. 

Now, I don't care what people think of who I've become. I am my own self and I am proud of that. So what if I like to go to bed at 9pm and get up every day at 6am? So what if I don't drink or smoke or gamble? 

I've never known confidence, happiness and positive self esteem from dropping all the external expectations and pressures to become who I am. I've learned that its ok to say 'no' when I don't want to go somewhere, or do something, I've learned to trust my gut and follow my instincts, I have grown into my mind and self assurance and I don't need anyone else to tell me who I should be, or what I should be doing.

And neither should you.

I always worried I'd lose friends, but I actually lost myself.

And spoiler alert - the right people stuck around and supported me.

And they will for you!