• Personal Stories



I grew up insecure by my beauty. I never had the chance to see myself as someone worth magazine-cover. It's always the nerdy little girl who only knows the school and home. At some point, I never loved myself. I, too drawn in trying to fit myself into the society in which I'm faking myself. Trying to be someone else just for people to like me is suffocating. I don't have good friends before, and I can't call on them whenever I need them. We all have trouble days, and it sucks whenever they treat you as a sham. Well, after I went on my own. I was alone, but I never felt alone. I was a free soul in my new environment. I then started being me, I wrote songs and poems just like before, and I didn't look for friends anymore because real friends came into my life independently. Cool? No. A lot better. They love every inch of me, and they appreciate me for who I am. I have seen that when you start being you, the Almighty will bless you with people whom He knows are for you. You have to learn to accept your flaws and love them, and no one can beat you then.