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Mazzini Saba

Be fearless

Do you know that there is PLEASURE in being FEARFUL or feeling FEAR all the time?

According to a lot of books, it's the pleasure of being complacent.

The reason why we are fearful is usually because we'd like to stay where we are and hence stay C O M F Y.

But you know what's even comfier? It's when you get out of your comfort zone.

Ironic, isn't it?

This is one of the best things I learned in going down the Depth Psychology & Typology rabbit hole:

It's the fact that we do not 100% get over our fears but we learn how to ignore them. Or, what I like to say, "Dance with your fears better."

Reason being is each person has their own fears and it will stay there in all crises we come across in our life. It's the same single type of fear. Same thing we always feared of, just taking in different shapes & forms.

But when you learn to ignore it, or dance with it better, you know what happens?

You unlock what Carl Jung calls, "Aspirational Subconscious".

Your aspirational subconscious is a part of you that either, you have yet to unlock, or you already have, depending on how good you are at ignoring your fear.

Remember Fight Club? 

Tyler Durden was the narrator's aspirational subconscious. He was all the narrator wanted to be.

That's what you're going to unlock when you dance with your fears. (Not necessarily him though, lol!)

But what do you need to do to dance with it better?

Start doing the uncomfortable. (This is why I love the dudes in Yes Theory *winks*)

If you put it off, it will take a while for you to meet your aspirational subconscious. Or sometimes, people reach death and never unlock it because they stay with the pleasurable comfort of not doing the uncomfortable.

Should you start?

Or should you wait when we are not promised tomorrow?