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Kirk Ivan Dianos

Baguio Mayor Benjamin Magalong Finally Re-Open Tourism by September

Hi Goodmorning/Goodafternoon, Did you already missed going to Baguio Because of their Tourists Spot? Finally Mayor Benjamin Magalong Re-opens Tourism by September, According to Local Government has announced plans to “gradually reopen tourism with regulated, controlled entry and monitored movement by September.”. But before traveling inside Baguio They have requirements before traveling,
For the tourists:
➡️ tourists will be required to pre-register through the Baguio VIS.I.T.A. (online registration system)
➡️ tourists will be required to have pre-booked accommodation preferably through accredited tour operators, and declare itinerary
➡️ upon entry, tourists will undergo mandatory triage and PCR testing to be paid by them
➡️ tourists stay in the hotel until results come out (at most 9 hours), and before going around city
➡️ tourists’ movement shall be closely monitored by tour operator and/or hotel management
For tour operators and (TOs) hotels:
➡️ only those with DOT-issued Certificate of Authority to Operate (CAO) can accommodate guests
➡️ TOs and hotels must require guests to register prior to travel through Baguio VIS.I.T.A.
➡️ hotels must ensure observance of health and safety protocols, lest CAO will be revoked
For city tourism managers:
➡️ ensure regulated and controlled entry and real-time monitoring of tourists’ itinerary through the Baguio VIS.I.T.A.
➡️ ensure efficiency of triage and testing process, with supporting health care systems and centers in place
➡️ ensure protection of personal data and information of tourists
➡️ ensure updated advisories and timely information dissemination relevant and important to locals and tourists
➡️ explore and implement tourism corridors with partner LGUs and partner TOs.
- Baguio VIS.I.T.A. (Visitor Information & Travel Assistance) will be launched within the month
- controlled number of tourists per day will be enforced
- illegal entry of tourists will be dealt with accordingly
So as you can see they monitor tourists as well.
And they control numbers of tourists as well.