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Inspiration is everywhere, as art is inspiration. Because art is around us. The beauty. The aesthetics in the surroundings. 

Art can also be inside of us. The skill. The emotion. Our imaginations.

Inspiration is art, as they're born on each one person's subjective perceptions. One can be inspired from a simple empty box, while others would still take a lot of fancy materials to get inspired.

On the other hand, art  to some could be referred to as a blank canvas, yet can also be a fully painted colorful one.

If inspiration is art, what is art?

 I think we can all agree that art is something that gives off an aesthetic, simple or unique, and that carries a story, a message, a meaning.
   Commonly, the concept of art refers to visual aesthetic pieces like a painting, sculptures, design, etc. Yet drama, music, dance were also a product of art. Because art is also an expression of what we feel, that combines with creativity.

    Art can either be a profession or a passion, or both. To some, it is a simple hobby that is just innate. To others, it's a dream they strive to excel at. To the rest like me, they're a temporary escape from reality. A kind of release. 

     We have different ways of helping ourselves cope with stress. For me, personally, aside from writing, it's definitely art. I always have an eye for aesthetic things. I love seeing beautiful designs, analyzing abstract concepts, and internalizing patterns and styles. Seeing different visual arts satisfies me. It gives me a genuine sense of relaxation like the world has finally restored its humanity. It also gives a huge inspiration to start something. Because arts are a product of creativity, the vibes feels to pass within me, making me feel to do something creative too. On the other hand, creating art such as drawing or painting helps me to release my negative emotions.

    Art has different impact on each person. Experts say one beneficial impact is also the free therapy it brings. As one of its patient, I can say that art is indeed therapeutic. Like I said that art is also emotions, thru art, people can convey these emotions. This includes heavy emotions that are burdening them, or they've been carrying for some time now.

    I can guarantee this. As I am too when I feel so emotional or anxious, most of the time I just resort to getting a piece of paper and pencil. I just let my emotions be spilled on that piece of paper. Afterwards, I'll feel light-hearted.

   To create art, we don't actually need to produce unique amazing drawings or whatever. As long as we produce something from our emotions that gives off a message, I think we can consider it already as our art, our masterpiece.

   Now for me, one of the art piece that usually inspires me are sketches. Because sketches are simple. You can easily made from a pencil and paper. And they are the foundation of every great paintings or drawings. Sketches also hold some meanings for me. Like how you can let yourself freely draw, not minding of mistakes knowing that you can improve it later. You take that lines, and wait for it til it create something as it progresses. This is like  our life, sometimes, we don't need to expect too much for a finished product. Let ourselves anticipate freely for a result. Trust ourselves like how we trust our hands and pencil in sketching . Don't jump to an already furnished idea. Let our fragments of ideas be crafted from scratch. Who knows that after, we've already created a very great masterpiece.

We need art in life like how need inspiration. It is because the two doesn't just embodies each other. Their connection is also complex. Art inspires us--our heart. So as inspiration creates art.


( Picture above is my old sketch back in lower years of highschool. It's Joker, the villain who carries a deep story unknown to many. )


Godbless and keep safe:)