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Art of being alone, but not lonely. (Being Alone (Jamie’s Story) by Revan Oversoul)

As creatures we are impossible to do without or necessary dependent on someone that will always be there for us. To experience this heavenly neediness is to experience loneliness. From the time the umbilical cord gets its portion she is a separate person, she is alone. She always stands alone even in a creature that massed together. 
	The experience that we are having right now, approach of loneliness comes also from our own uniqueness. There are no people that are comparable. Each person is a closed book, even to himself. The unique head-scratcher of different person is incommunicable. No person experiences the world as she and everybody do. Therefore, no one can understand when you are keeping yourself in a dark room and no one else can hold onto you. But we all have this must-have to be understood and accepted for the person that she and everybody does.
	After a tiring and long day at school, they come home to a nice comfy bed, and with some peace and noiseless. Her room: it serves as her friend. “I don’t know what is worse, not knowing what’s in front of me, or knowing that there really in nothing there, nothing.” There are an improbable to believe number of changes, responsibilities and difficulty associated with this generation group. Teens or ages like Jaime can feel lonely because they don’t have anyone to talk to or commit with even her parents don’t want to interfere because they know Jaime is comfortable being alone, but in reality she feel no one and lost. This sense of loneliness can be an outcome from being, not being able to make friends, a lack of listening skills, shy and socially awkward or thinking they aren’t good enough.
	Having a breakdown and being broken by this test of life is not a choice, consider or give place to. As human beings there is a reason why we face different trials or struggles in our lives. Possibly, there is a master plan for all of us. Men, women, young, and old are mostly like even, we all face situations, circumstances, and events in our lives that are not in our own plans and not in our own understanding. 
	This short story enlightens us to know about the knowledge on being alone and being open to other people especially when you need one. It says there that she is alone since she can remember, well, she is alone but not lonely. But as time goes by, being alone is really being lonely, without anyone you can lean on, without anyone to seek for help, without anyone to think that you are lovable. It helps every individual to take courage to step forward and have their own standing before it is too late.


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    Aug 12, 2020 22:00
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