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You Totally Can


This was in my early childhood education class. So, I have this friend, who we will call Claui. Claui went up to our teacher Mrs. Gutierrez and told her she was pregnant.

Mrs. Gutierrez freaked out because she didn’t know what to say or do. Claui didn’t know what to do either.

Mrs. Gutierezz asked Claui if she had told her parents. But Claui’s response was unforgettable

“No, because they are gonna make me name her April and her last name fools”
‘’Umm what?’’

Mrs. Gutierezz thought it was funny but also a relief.

Note: a couple of weeks ago, Claui told me that her mother found out she was pregnant with her on APRIL FOOLS DAY! So, I’m not surprised Claui pulled that prank because of her mother’s experience!