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Appearance places a role when voting

I found a psychology fact "Appearance plays an important role even when voting during elections Maturity and physical attractiveness of politicians were mostly important for voters’ choice (unconsciously, of course)."

We might not accept this fact but there are lots of politicians in our country ofcourse if they are new we tend to ignore them unless they show something good that will leave a mark in everyone of us. Politicians will wear the best clothes they have to impress and brand new because as humans we think that if a person can take care of himself he is either rich or intelligent but little did we know that we are judging them just by appearance. Sometimes when a politician wears simple clothes and shoes he tends to be more reliable and approachable and many Filipinos loves to be able to connect with their leaders. Most of the times those people tend to win in the election but we should know that we need to research and know even a little something about a politician before we cast our vote so on the end of the day we will not regret it. We will not fight and we will have good leaders for our country.