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Ashton Ang

Anyone Can Be A Millionaire

"It's too hard to be a millionaire." This is a statement that you will hear from so much that are lazy to put in the effort to become a millionaire or those who see a different picture. In this article, I will share to you some factors of why a lot of people aren't millionaires yet today to be honest. One, you need that mindset. If your mindset is "oh it's too hard to do all those tasks to become a millionaire" or "they probably just got lucky which is why they're rich", then you're clearly not seeing the bigger picture. Sure it can be hard, but they definitely went through that too and gave that extra push to achieve their goals. They may have also gotten lucky a few times, but the reason they're successful today doesn't rely on that piece of luck. Here's a quote that you've probably already heard of but it's that "nothing in this world is free anymore". If you think that person just did a couple tweaks and changes, then that's just wrong. You don't just snap and suddenly you're already a successful multi-millionaire. This is the bigger picture you've been seeing wrong. The mindset you possess is crucial in being a successful millionaire because that mindset is what will carry you through achieving your dreams. Two, if you spend money on things that are mostly bad for you anyways and also expensive, you need to STOP. Some examples are things like makeup, cigars, too much junk food, etc. You need to learn the 50, 30, and 20 rule. 50% of your savings and cash you spend on things you NEED, 20% of your savings and cash you spend on things you WANT, and 30% of your savings and cash you spend on your own methods to earn money such as investments. I know it sounds simple but this technique will be extremely helpful in the long run as you strive to be a millionaire. Lastly, be surrounded by a group of people who have the same dreams and aspirations as you, Have a team, a group, a party of people with the same MINDSET and goals as you. This is also important because a reason you could be failing to do what you want to do, is because you're with the wrong people, If your friends love to drink in the bar for example and you get peer pressured, you might go over that 20% budget for things you only want. If you're with a team who will be helping each other as a strong group of businessmen or whatever your job is, and if you will all have the right mindset with the correct amount of money spent in specific things, then who knows. I might be talking to a future millionaire now.