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An Extra-Ordinary Friendship

Hi! So this is my first time sharing a story of mine and I think that this story will definitely lighten up your day. You cannot ignore a story about a cute dog and it's owner, right? So yeah, here we go!

I was born as the oldest in our family. I have a very weak immune system that makes me get sick easily and because of that my parents wouldn't always let me play outside. I was always alone and every time they bring me to some parties, I always just sit on the corner and mind my own business. I rarely interact with someone and as I grew up, I started thinking that I think I should start making friends with others because everyone was doing it. I started trying to make friends with others but there's a part of me that even though I found the I thought "friends", I am still not satisfied with the bond and connection that I created with them. And by that, I felt so lonely. I felt that I was going to be alone forever and I am not normal just like others, especially because I can't establish connection with others and I keep trying to fit in. I was so lonely but it change when my bestfriend came. Sky.

He is a shih tzu, my mom bought him from my cousin. I was so happy that time and he already gave me the feeling that I never felt with anyone before, the feeling of having a bestfriend who will be by your side always. He was there for me everyday. Whenever I am happy, sad, even when I'm sick. He  was there. He is the best gift I've ever got. We bought another dog again after him, and that we named her Bella.

Maybe, I wasn't different from others at all and I think that I don't need to fit myself with them anymore. I found the bestfriend that I kept asking for. The 17 years of waiting was all worth it.

Add friend me to read the part 2 soon! 

Stay safe everyone!