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Syed Shah

amazing little girl horse riding

Last week, my daughter did not have correct horse riding equipment because I couldn't afford to buy it. the one thing she owned was a pair of horse riding gloves but the man who previously washed my car had thrown them away. She rode the horse whilst wearing adult gloves (mine) and second hand borrowed helmet and boots (belonging to the stable). She fell from her horse and became very exhausted because the wrong size protective gear meant that she had to use more strength.

This week i worked 2 extra shifts at work so I could buy her a brand new helmet, gloves and boots so that she could be like the other kids at the stable. Her confidence was boosted and she had the best horse riding lesson of her life. She rode, she trotted, she did small jumps and she excelled in all 3. She fell asleep on the car journey home because horse riding is straight after school so she really has an overwhelming day on Wednesdays.

She is 5 years old.