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Leander Agcaoili

Ain't I lying?

How many times did anyone ask you this question?

"How are you?ā€

Most likely several times you said the typical lie response, "I'm OK/I'm fine." Most of us ignore our true feelings. As much as we can, we don't want anyone to come into our lives. Some have trouble expressing their feelings because they are highly sensitive to even the slightest problems. Expressing our feelings makes us feel vulnerable, aren't we? Others can find it exhausting to deal with these feelings all the time, so we think the safest thing to do is just not say something and keep our mouth shut. Others see it as a sign of weakness. Putting yourself out can be a fairly scary thing in general. Of course, if you've had a bad experience in the past, it could be much more difficult for you to open up to the people around you. And you don't have to say something.

People were afraid that someone would judge with a glance of an eye. In reality, this is exhausting. Humans base things on what they first experience by ignoring the tale behind them. Well, who'd like to tell someone you don't know a story about yourself. "Rejection is not only demeaning; it destroys your self-esteem and alters your decision-making capacity. Often many internalize rejection, and this causes a cycle of lowered standards. Why address what you feel when you feel it's going to be rejected. Forcing others to open up is not going to improve and make things easier. Life is a continuous game of reality, of hide and seeks.

It is necessary, therefore to keep individual differences in mind. And ask for the assistance of specialists in mental health (e.g. psychologist, counselor, therapist, etc.) Because if you feel like this or if you know someone who expresses themselves in this kind of way, understanding where they come from will allow you to better understand what it's like to be going through this.