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Abegail Llanes

Achievement is equals to effort✊

It is a rainy day today. I am happy since I already finished my school works that is due this week. I eat my breakfast and take a bath before I attend my online classes. I am very positive that today will be a good day for me. But, when my second period started they gave us 4 Performance Tasks that will be due next week! I am afraid that I cannot finish all of them before the deadline. I ask my friend on how will I handle this, she said that "every achievement requires an equal effort, we should try to manage our time properly and be productive every minute so that we can finish all of this before Christmas Break". I realized that she is right, I should be productive in every minute to avoid procrastination. We shouldn't stress our self in these things. Instead, we should find a way on how to solve it and do some effort to achieve our own goals in life. 😀