• Good News

Vanessa Agsangre


     We were carried by our mom into their belly for nine months, that was just a first phase of being a mother and it was already hard. Look at how amazing every mother is, how magical their belly where it became possible for them to carry us for that long. How about when their about to give us birth? That was one of the most challenging role of a mother, their life could be in a danger as well as their child. Have you ever imagine their pain during those times just to give us a life? That was something we should be thankful for.
    What about when we're still a baby? Our mother feeds us with their own milk, they're awake at nights when we are cryin' or we are hungry. They had sleepless nights just to make sure we're asleep and in a good comfort.
     As we grow, their responsibilities and sacrifices grows too. Some single moms or even not have to work to feed their child, to be able to pay for their childs education and to give other basic needs. And it's not just it, they have to cook, do laundry, take care of us in anyway they can. 'Cause a mother's love is one of a kind and priceless, they will give everything for the sake of our happiness, safety and for our own good even if sometimes they are struggling too.
    There's more, they just don't give the things we need. First, because of our mother we learned to speak. What about the moment you learned to walk? Your mother surely gave you a hand so you won't fall. And have you ever remember the time you learned to write your name or even counting numbers? Im sure, you learned it first from your mother.
    And now that you are an adult, have you ever remember the times where you cried because you're struggling in life? Broken hearted? You failed in somethings and
 you lost a lot but your mother is still there with you. Cheering you up, giving you some advices, taking care of you like before when you were a child? And sometimes i know, you didn't notice that you're being treated like before. 
      Now that you are reading this, compliment your mom for all of her achievements as your mother 'cause it never be easy. And i, i wanna say every mom especially you mom. You are amazing and a wonderful good mother.


  • Vanessa Agsangre
    Jan 20, 2021 18:24
    Me too, let's should be thankful for that. Compliment your for being a good mother to you ❤️😊
  • Eduard
    Jan 20, 2021 12:14
    My mom is there besides me since day one.