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A Letter to my Once and Forgotten Friend

Dear Hostility,

One day, you came with a smile on your face
Motioned me into an embrace
And look sincere with that praise
I was a fool to believe you in the first place

The next day, you stabbed in the back
And mutter things that I lack
I was quite taken aback
Questions started to lurk
When that smile turned into a smirk

You think I look strange, so you stare
You raised your eyebrows as if I care
You laugh because I’m not like you
You comment on every act
Even accepted them like it’s a fact

You fill my head with uneasiness
Trying to break the stillness
I was in the dark, trying to reach for that chance
You came prancing to my way
Just to slap my hand away

To be honest, I don’t know what you’re thinking
Your moves didn’t even give me inkling
Since the character you displayed is a mirage
To uncover is to dig deeper
Yet you always have this thin veneer

You deluded yourself with power
So I would fall back with cower
I bet you’ve never heard this before
Do you know why haters love to hate?
Because they’re jealous of what they can’t imitate

They say to kill your foe with kindness
But then you attacked with blindness
I guess I should kill you with silence
And let you know about my intention
That you don’t deserve my attention

Oh dear Hostility,
How dare you give me such adversity?
With your pretense, your omnipresence
Your thoughts are scattering
Aren’t you tired of blabbering?

Oh dear Hostility,
I was hoping you will bring clarity
In the midst of this uncertainty
But instead, you raise a different trophy
That is entitled “catastrophe”

You can’t see other people because you only see yourself
You don’t hear other people, you only listen to yourself
You think you’re noble so you gabble
Enough talking and start caring
Don’t leave me out, her me out

You should know people have differences
This doesn’t need other’s preferences
Being different is unique
It doesn’t mean that it’s weak
You just thought it is madness

You should know people have their own talents
Talents that show your own styles
Talent that reveals their truest selves
I have found mine
So go, and stop wasting my time

You may think it’s unlucky
For the world to have someone like you
Come, throw your suggestion
I’m not aiming for consideration
Nor do I need your sympathy

Meeting you was not a tick to thank
But I think that I should
Even though our encounter is not that good
Because you still made me realize
Something that I couldn’t visualize.