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Agatha De Borja

A Filipino-Themed Disney Ad Is Out!

A Disney Christmas ad is finally released.  It is entitled "From Our Family To Yours". It depicted Filipino Christmas traditions. This is about an OFW grandmother who misses her homeland and loves to make 'parols' every year. She also has cherished her childhood Mickey Mouse doll since she was a little girl. The first scene depicted the 1940s Philippines. It showed her father giving her the Mickey Mouse doll for Christmas and hugged each other. The next scene showed the present grandmother who resided in another country. She often gave her Mickey Mouse doll to her little granddaughter to play. To keep their heritage alive in another country, they also both helped each other create 'parols' every year for Christmas. As her granddaughter grew up, she became less interested in the grandmother's doll. One day, the left ear of the doll accidentally broke. As more years passed, she also became less interested in helping her grandmother decorate the house with 'parols'. This made her grandmother upset. However, one day, her grown-up granddaughter walked outside of the house and looked at the window along with the reflection. Suddenly, she recalled her childhood memories and she went back inside the house. She felt sad as she was holding the broken Mickey Mouse doll and recalling other Filipino traditions that she adored when she was a child. The next day, the grandmother woke up. She entered the living room surprisingly with 'parols' all over the place. After the grandmother opened up her gift, it was a fixed Mickey Mouse doll. Because of this new experience, she reunited with her granddaughter even more. At the end, her granddaughter began to appreciate her heritage and the doll more. I'm sure that Filipinos who view this will love this especially the OFWs. If you want to watch this now, click on the YouTube video posted.