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Jayson Flores

A childhood day of an inmate's child

How does it really feel to be a son of an inmate? Will you be able to act normal?

I grew up having a dad behind the bars, he was in his 20's when he was imprisoned, most of his entire life was taken by his imprisonment. and yes I was a product of city jail. If you are wondering how it happened, it's a privilege to an inmate that they are allowed to be visited everyday by their loved ones, the wife and child can sleep overnight inside the jail during weekends, so i’m a product of the privilege given to an inmate.

Growing without a dad in our bed every night has never been an issue for me as we can visit my dad to jail regularly and city jail becoming my second home. Being inside the jail is not as bad as what others think, I can say that we were living in a normal small community. I used to spend my whole day playing with the sons and daughters of other inmates and also being taken care of other inmates. For me my childhood is completely the same as the other child, I can do whatever I want, play all day long without restrictions knowing that people surrounding me are criminals. We are not rich, my mom needs to resign from her work so she can focus on us, while my dad was working as a cook in the city jail’s kitchen.  He used to cook for all the foods of all the inmates and by that work he was able to support us on our needs. Being a child of an inmate is not that difficult, we can still live normal, our family is happy and almost complete everyday.


  • Justin Rentoza
    Aug 11, 2020 23:02
    Thank you for this! You gave me a different perspective towards this kind of situation. I hope that people should stop the stigma or the negative stereotypes regarding imprisonment and being a child of an inmate.