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3 Best Cell Phone Jobs to Earn extra money

Today, cell phones have become a focal piece of our lives. These telephones accompany loads of applications that can do for all intents and purposes anything. As a cell phone client, I wager you definitely think around a few applications that you can use to engage yourself, just as to set aside or gain additional cash.

This is an app for smartphones that are either Android or iPhones.  They will then pay you for doing simple tasks such as delivering items, mystery shopping, testing various mobile apps or taking pictures.  You can earn as little as $3 or as much as $90 for each task.  This is, of course, dependent on your reputation and experience.  If you live in a large metropolitan area, there will be more opportunities to earn for you.

This Company also allows you to make mystery shopper calls.  You can use your cell phone to make the calls.  Depending on the number of tasks you finish, the pay will vary.  Beginners can expect to earn $0.90 for each call.  The opportunity is open to Canadians and US citizens only.

3. Swagbucks 
You can watch videos on your smartphone from Swagbucks TV after you download their app.  By watching videos you may be able to make as many as 50 Swagbucks daily.  If you watch them on your computer, you earn another 150 Swagbucks daily.  That means you can make as much as $200 Swagbucks daily and with 450 Swagbucks you can get an Amazon gift card worth $5.  By simply watching videos you can earn $20 every month in Amazon gift cards.